Here are a few of our testimonials

“I really enjoyed finding myself…before we had undergone this program I felt a little bit lost. I knew I wanted to do something related to medicine but working with other people and listening to what they wanted to do broadened and help me define my passion”

Year 10 student

“I really liked the way the program was presented to us….it wasn’t sudden and it was a slow build that made us realise what we want to be”

Year 10 student

“I was about to graduate from university and was struggling to picture me working in commerce for the rest of my working life. Workspired helped me figure out my passion was in creative communications…and developed a plan to bring it to life.
The process is very easy to follow and gave me a lot of clarity!”


“It worked well for everyone….it worked for girls who knew what they wanted to do, those who had no idea and also those who had some idea and needed help narrowing their options”

Year 10 student