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Complete program in Melbourne to help a group of you pursue a career you love

What you will each get


Brainstorm 2-3 careers you may love


Trial a few jobs to find your passion


Start pursuing the career you love

The complete program

(this program is for a group of 3 to 5 of your co-workers, friends or family members)

Part 1: Workshop

(Half a day; face to face)

What you will get

  • Brainstorm 2 to 3 careers that you are passionate about
  • A plan to test the 2 to 3 careers
  • Learn from guest speakers who are successfully pursuing their passion

Part 2: Group Coaching

(Once per month for 3 months; Skype based)

What you will get

  • Support with taking action and testing the career you love
  • Tips and advice to work through roadblocks
  • Sharing of experiences with others in a similar position


  • Please share a bit about yourselves (what do you all do?), why finding your passion is important and what steps you all might have taken in the past to discover what this might be (and if you haven't that's OK too!).