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Virtual group program to help you find a career you love

What you will get


Brainstorm 2-3 careers you may love

Learn from others

Gain support from fellow participants and others


Trial a few areas to find your passion


Start pursuing the career you love

The virtual group program

Investment = A$997

Frequently asked questions

What outputs will I get?

When you have identified your passion you will get a one page document with this (see example). You will also develop a practical plan for how you will test to see if your passions are real (see example).

In addition to these documents you will receive support to reach these outcomes, whilst you are testing your passions and insights from someone pursuing the same passion as you.

How will the group video calls work?

Each week will be a theme e.g. Week 1 is Orientation, Week 2 is Strengths & Vision and Reflections, etc. Every week you will have the option of choosing from 2 scheduled times and joining the one that works best for you.

Can I attend multiple video calls on the same theme?

Sure! You are welcome to join any of the video calls twice!

How will I schedule my one-on-one call with Indar?

Indar will share his calendar so you can find a time that works for you for the Define call in week 3.

How will the video call with someone pursuing the same passion as me work?

Once you have identified your passion we will match you with someone who has the same passion as you. This will be a person who is either working in the area you are passionate in, or has previously worked in that area. You will have a few time options to select from for the video call where you will get the opportunity to explore any area that you would like more information on. We will provide some suggested questions for you to ask to help kickstart your thinking.

What will I need for the video calls?

Just a working device with a strong internet access! You will just need to click the link to join the video call – there is no need to download anything!

What platform will be used for the video calls?

We use the platform which is free to use and only needs one-click to load on a device.

Will the video call work on my smartphone?

Yes! The video call will work on all computers (PC/Mac), tablets and smartphones.

How many people will there be in a group?

We will be keeping each group to a maximum of 5 people to ensure you get the appropriate levels of attention and focus.

What if I can’t make the scheduled times of the video calls?

Not a problem! Just let Indar know and he will invite you to join the next cohort.


  • Please share a bit about yourself (what do you do?), why finding your passion is important and what steps you might have taken in the past to discover what this might be (and if you haven't that's OK too!).
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