What I’ve learnt in the 4 weeks since leaving PwC

What I’ve learnt in the 4 weeks since leaving PwC

I can’t imagine it’s been almost a whole month since I left PwC. So much has happened in the past 4 weeks – time has really flown by!

I had the pleasure of sharing the process for finding a career you love at a United Nations (UN) event. I was also on the radio with Darren James from 3AW where I spoke about Workspired and fielded a few calls from wonderful people who are pursuing their passion.

And all throughout I’ve been growing the current business model, whilst also looking at building a future model to help people anywhere in the world (stay tuned!).

Last week I was walking to a coffee spot near the PwC building and I started reflecting on what I’ve learnt since I moved on. As with most things these days, they come in 3s, and so do my learnings.

1) People find my story inspiring

Almost everyone I speak with or who has come across my articles on LinkedIn or discovered Workspired has found my story inspiring.

It’s funny because I never saw myself as an inspiring person. I felt that I was just a regular guy who found what he loves to do and decided to go after it…and I assumed that everyone who knew what they wanted to do, did the same!

These past 4 weeks have taught me that my assumptions were a little flawed. Some of the words that people have mentioned in reference to what I’ve done are “so inspiring”, “unconventional” and “extremely ball-sy”.

I guess when you think about it, I have a 2 year old daughter who I wrote about recently, my wife is 33 weeks pregnant AND I’m the primary income earner at home (no I’m not a trust fund baby!).

And so I suppose when you look at things from this perspective what I have done is inspiring – goes to show it’s often all about perspective.

My learning: whether I hear from people or not, my story is apparently inspirational.

2) Juggling everything will always be a challenge

For about 3.5 months just before I finished at PwC my life started each day at 5.30am and didn’t end till 10.30pm. Due to some pregnancy complications my wife was experiencing, I became the primary carer for our fire cracker of a 2 year old, the house itself, my wife who was restricted to light duties, work at PwC AND Workspired.

Reflecting on this period I honestly don’t know how I did it all, but I somehow managed to keep things afloat. Yes life was challenging but I really shouldn’t complain because there are a lot more people out there in this world doing it tougher than us in far more trying circumstances.

I assumed that once I left PwC with my wife’s health now thankfully back on track and not having to work I would have more time to devote to Workspired.

That hasn’t quite translated the way I quite hoped. Whilst there is more time, there are also more draws on it from things I didn’t get to earlier, preparing for the arrival of baby #2 (such a different experience to baby #1!), toilet training the fire cracker toddler AND growing the business.

My learning: life is chaotic, don’t sweat the small stuff, focus on what matters.

3) We all want similar things in life

One of the wonderful things about the social platforms we have at our fingertips, is the connectivity that we have. It has been lovely to hear from people all the world who have reached out over the past few weeks.

I’ve literally had messages/e-mails from all corners of the world – Australia to Brazil, Cameroon to the UK and lots of countries in between.

These wonderful people have either reached out to thank me for my inspiring story or to find out more about Workspired and finding a career they love. I’ve connected with a few people over the phone/Skype and it never ceases to amaze me that at the end of the day, regardless of where or who we are, we all want these same things:

  • To be loved and love,
  • A cosy home to live in,
  • Comfortable clothes to wear,
  • Nourishing food for our bodies,
  • Some pleasures and entertainment, and
  • To do meaningful work that we love.

My learning: at the end of the day, we’re all the same.

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