A much needed pick me up thanks to the year of the rooster

A much needed pick me up thanks to the year of the rooster

We are now in the Chinese zodiac year of the rooster. To be more precise we are in the year of the fire rooster as the Chinese zodiac has animals plus elements – which only comes around once every 60 years.

I thought I’d write about this because I was having a low moment last Friday. I was reflecting on how much I still had to do to build Workspired and felt a bit down. To give you a bit of a flavor a few of the things on my to-do list include finishing up my eBook, writing this blog post and I had just realized that my website could do with a page on my approach for helping people find their passion.

And so I just felt a bit overwhelmed.

I reflected on how much I’ve done over the years to get here and at that moment it felt as though I hadn’t done anything at all. I still have so much to do. And so for a moment I felt down and a bit de-energised.

So my wife actually said to me – more like directed me – to take the night off, watch Rafael Nadal play Grigor Dimitrov (what a match!) and basically chill. My initial reaction was I can’t afford the time as I have so much to do – look at my to-do list sweetheart!

Then I said to myself who am I kidding – I probably won’t be very productive anyway given my to-do list required some creative inspiration. It wasn’t as though I needed to lick stamps to mail out letters.

Whilst I was watching the roller coaster Nadal-Dimitrov match I was on my phone and just jumping from one topic to another reading a bunch of things. Then I landed on the Chinese zodiac year of the rooster.

I was reading about who were some of the famous roosters – Bob Marley, J-Lo and Jennifer Aniston just to name a few. What were some of the lucky and unlucky things (avoid the colour red roosters – don’t ask me what this means!). And then the part that interested me the most – some of the character traits of roosters were observant/perceptive, hardworking, resourceful, courageous, talented and self confidence.

After reading these I paused and thought to myself those are fantastic traits. Particularly for someone like me trying to build a business whilst juggling a full time job and a young family. Then I reflected on how I was going on each of those traits:

  • Being observant/perceptive through listening to what my market wants by starting to create an approach/methodology page that outlines my perspective on finding passion
  • Hardworking is me every day even to the extent when my wife has to direct me to take a few hours off on a Friday night!
  • Courage is another one which is embodied by the fact that I’ve launched and am in the process of building Workspired (I could choose to just stick with my corporate career)
  • Talent well based on feedback so far I think I have some skill and ability in helping people find what they love to do for work J
  • Self confidence – this is something that I think I’ve built up over the years and whilst can waiver at times, I tend to draw on my reserves in times of need!

What dawned on me was even though I’m not a rooster, I found myself displaying pretty much all of those traits. Yes I can do better. We can always do better. And yes of course there is still so much to do (that to-do list has reduced a bit with this blog post going out!).

However I’ve had some wins and have demonstrable outcomes against all of those traits. There is a lot of positivity and optimism with the glass very much half full. I am on well on the journey and can’t wait to see what will be coming my way.

I hope that whether you are a rooster or not you too can find yourself in some of those traits and gain inspiration to do great things.


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