Most people luck into success – how do they maximise their chances?

Last year it was reported that the world’s eight richest people have a combined net wealth equivalent to 50% of the population (article here). Amongst them, are a few “self-made” billionaires who originated from modest beginnings but found success in their life’s pursuit. These people have always fascinated me because they were able to rise [...]

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Why I left the largest professional services firm in the world to help people find a career they love

Before I get to sharing why I left PwC I'd like to explain the headline photo of this article There's been a bit on LinkedIn recently about how it's a professional medium and people ought to keep personal content/images/whatever to the likes of Facebook and Instagram. I get the rationale but I have a different [...]

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Are you OK in your current job…but want to do more of what you love?…Watch this video for 3 simple tips!

Over the past few weeks I have worked with quite a few people and through applying the Workspired process we have discovered they actually love their current roles. At it's heart they love what they do...however there's just a few things that they would like to focus on more (or less) in order to be totally engaged [...]

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Are you highly educated and struggling to find a career you love – here are a few tips that might help!

Last week I had a conversation with a lady (Suzi) who was highly educated (3 degrees!) but was struggling to find a career she loves. She was convinced that her passion was in the general area of analytics but needed some help in identifying the specific area. I wasn't as convinced as Suzi that analytics [...]

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