Three things that make us different us from traditional career coaching services

1. Learn from others

The majority of traditional careers services in the market offer consultation via a one-on-one format. Whilst this has in large part been very successful, the world is changing.

Disruption is common place, innovation is accelerating and frankly we don’t know what the future will hold for us. In saying this what we do know is it will probably look very different to today.

Therefore when things change, we need to adapt our approach or we run the risk of being left behind.

If you look at how the best ideas and thinking are generated, most of us do so by collaboration with others. Not isolating to try and come up with the answer. We thrive by listening to others, reflecting on their experience which in turn often sparks our own ideas and thinking.

With this in mind we have designed our programs to harness these very same principles. We believe there is a lot of value in learning from others particularly their experience and journeys. Whilst we still have one-on-one elements over the course of our program, there are a lot of group based workshops to help people unlock their potential.

2. Activity based learning

It is scientifically proven that play sparks creativity.

The rationale is play tends to spark curiosity which in term leads to experimentation that ends with a creative outcome.

Trying to rapidly identify your passion requires creative thinking. We believe everyone has the answer within them. The key is to help you get to that answer quickly.

We have found that purposeful play can help you reach that answer…quickly. At various stages of the program we use targeted activities to help unlock your passion.

3. We have developed a simple process to help you quickly find your passion

If you stop and think about it, there is lots of inspiration for finding your passion, but very little practical guidance.

Have you come across a process or framework that can help YOU find your passion? We doubt it and if you have, please let us know!

This is where we are different – through 5+ years of research we have produced the only simple process to help you find a career you love

There are 2 elements to finding a career you love – competence and flow & test and learn

Competence and flow

Competence is where you are highly skilled at an activity

Flow is when you are executing a task effortlessly

Test and learn

Take action, seek feedback

and adapt regularly