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Three things that make us different us from traditional career coaching services

1. Our Founder, Indar Gill, an ex-management consultant

If you are like most people these days you are probably interested in practical outcomes, and short on ‘fluff’.

We know this because our Founder, Indar Gill, spent 10 plus years in the corporate world. He spent the first few years of his career with Hewlett Packard in commercial management and then most recently almost 6 and a half years with PwC as a management consultant. In this last role he advised large corporate and public sector organisations on employee engagement, culture change and change management issues.

In short Indar gets the importance of being practical and has acquired a wealth of experience with facilitating real change in organisations. He now uses these skills to facilitate real change with individuals, particularly those who are time poor and interested in practical change.

To find out more about Indar, click here.

2. We connect you with people pursuing the same passion as you

One of the quickest ways we learn is by replicating something that was done elsewhere and adapting it to our unique context and needs.

Why not adopt this tried and tested approach when it comes to pursuing your passion?

We connect you with people who have either pursued or are actively pursuing the same passion that you’ve identified through our process.

This will give you a unique opportunity to pick their brain, learn from their experiences and gain confidence that pursuing your passion is attainable.

We have found this to be a powerful mechanism to ignite momentum and launch people into the pursuit of their passion.

3. We have developed a simple process to help you quickly find your passion

If you stop and think about it, there is lots of inspiration for finding your passion, but very little practical guidance.

Have you come across a process or framework that can help YOU find your passion? We doubt it and if you have, please let us know!

This is where we are different – through 5+ years of research we have produced the only simple process to help you find a career you love

There are 2 elements to finding a career you love – competence and flow & test and learn

Competence and flow

Competence is where you are highly skilled at an activity

Flow is when you are executing a task effortlessly

Test and learn

Take action, seek feedback

and adapt regularly