About Indar

Founder of Workspired

We all have something that we’re passionate about –
we owe it to ourselves to realise and bring it to life.

The things

that have shaped


Founder of Workspired

What do you do?

Let’s imagine you wanted to bake a chocolate cake…Most people would google chocolate cake recipes, find a good one based on a review or ratings and then bake the cake. Some of us might ring up mum or Aunt Thelma who bakes a mean cake and ask them for their secret recipe. And then there’s a few of us who are renegades that would just experiment without a recipe…and either blow up the kitchen or with some luck create an awesome cake.

Right now when it comes to finding passion most people are probably in the last category – they sort of stumble into their passion as shown by my research on drivers of happiness.

So what I do is provide a tried and tested recipe for finding AND pursuing your passion…because there’s a lot of talk and literature out there encouraging people to do what they love but not a lot of practical guidance.

Why do you do it? Do you love it, or do you just have one of those knacks?

A bit of both…it’s going to sound weird but I get so much energy from talking to people about their career, what inspires them and how they can pursue it as part of their life. I also have one of those knacks. Somewhere along the line I developed this amazing ability to truly listen to people and understand what they need to shift their careers.

What did you do before this?

Wow where do I begin? Let’s see…

  • I was an entrepreneur at 18 which taught me a lot about how the ‘real’ world works
  • I lost 25kgs of weight in a calendar year…and have kept most of it off
  • I’ve also been a Board member for a chapter of Lifeline (crisis support and suicide prevention charity)

Finding your passion is a journey. Have you started yours yet?

There is no greater way for me to be successful, than to help others be their most productive self.

Who are your customers? What kind of people would need or want what you offer?

Whilst I’ve had clients from a variety of different backgrounds I find my sweet spot is with professionals or those who work in the corporate world. Given I spent 10 plus years in that space I find I can relate and therefore help achieve better outcomes. Also within this industry most of my clients are in the 10 to 15 year experience range. Sufficient time to have ‘seen it all’ and also at a stage where they are staring at their careers being lengthened due to projected life expectancy increases.

Why should I speak to you instead of someone else?

I get very frustrated when I read an article encouraging people to pursue their passion without any real guidance. I am very real and pride myself on being incredibly practical. This has given me amazing results in helping people take action in their pursuit of happiness.

What’s next for you?

I’m putting together some downloadable products which will help people find what they might be passionate about…and start to bring it into their life. I’ve also got some great ideas on how organisations can unlock their people’s passion to increase productivity and engagement.

I’m also a management consultant where I help large corporates manage the people side of change.

“I was about to graduate from university and was struggling to picture me working in commerce for the rest of my working life. Workspired helped me figure out my passion was in creative communications…and developed a plan to bring it to life.
The process is very easy to follow and gave me a lot of clarity!


Explore the tried and tested Workspired process to finding your passion.