Finding your passion is rubbish advice (…really?!?)

Finding your passion is rubbish advice (…really?!?)

Over the past few days I have read a few articles that finding your passion is bullsh*t advice…the crux of the argument is that people have a preexisting passion (which they article says most of us don’t), AND, if you match that passion to your job/work you’ll enjoy what you do (once again the articles say this isn’t a given).

Instead the articles suggest that you should ‘cultivate’ your passion which means you should build passion for your existing job.

I think it’s a bit of semantics – let me explain. I do believe that most people have a passion. Why do we gravitate to certain things and not others? Why do certain things come easier to one person rather than the other?

The issue with ‘finding your passion’ is a lot of us don’t know what it is or it might be buried. Plain and simple we haven’t been taught how to find it. So instead a lot of us find it by stumbling into it.

There is in fact a lot of evidence that pursuing your passion will yield success. I won’t go into details, but having tenacity (not giving up) goes a long long way to yielding success (see Thomas Edison attempts at developing a light bulb). There are tonnes of stories about people not giving up and achieving amazing things. If you are passionate about something you are more likely to keep at it until it yields a positive outcome.

With finding your passion in your existing job, the benefit is you can increase your happiness levels with where you are currently at –  a good short term solution. The small issue I have with this however is on some occasions you might be tricking yourself into liking something that isn’t going to produce a good outcome i.e. it may not make you successful nor will it give you lasting happiness.

What do you think? Do you believe if you find your passion and pursue it as a job/work you will be happy and successful? Or should you find passion in your existing job?

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