Not sure what to do for work after high school?

Worried that the career you pick will be replaced by robots?

We have a solution to help set you up for a successful future career.

First we need to get on the same page as there is a lot of discussion about the future of work…with very little actual certainty

What are we hearing?

What do we actually know?

Lots of traditional jobs will be automated

A third of the activities performed in roughly 60% of jobs can be automated

A single job for life won’t exist

No one knows for sure but the popular stat is 5 different careers averaging 17 employers

The education system will change significantly

We don’t know what education will look like but skills such as adaptability and continual learning will become very important

Given I am going to have lots of different careers, how do I pick where I start and make Year 12 subject choices?

You need to accept that you are going to constantly have to reinvent your career.

With so much uncertainty externally you need to focus internally – on you. Find what your passions are and accept they will probably change…which is OK! When they change reinvent your career.

Accepting that you will need to reinvent yourself there are 3 core skills to develop further:

Personal brand

Articulate what uniqueness you bring to the table – skills, experience, story


Grow and maintain relationships with a diverse group of people


Reinvention can be difficult for some of us. Strengthening your resilience will help achieve your career goals