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Here are a few of our testimonials

“I attended a Meetup group to discover my passion and then signed up for the Workspired course.
The course outline was simple and Indar was easy to work with. He listens to you and you feel comfortable exploring and identifying your strengths, weaknesses and behaviours through discussion, examples and interactive exercises.
He takes you on a journey where you reach an Aha moment.
Thanks Indar. You made it so simple. I’m glad I decided to work with you.”


“Workspired really motivated me to start my own business. I had become disillusioned with the typical corporate environment after 10+ yrs of working. Through Workspired, I realised my passion for a food business and now have clear plans to bring this to life in the next 6 – 12 months.”


“I was about to graduate from university and was struggling to picture me working in commerce for the rest of my working life. Workspired helped me figure out my passion was in creative communications…and developed a plan to bring it to life.
The process is very easy to follow and gave me a lot of clarity!”


“I’d been working for 20+ years, but for the past couple of years I came to the realisation that my job was ‘OK’…but I needed more than ‘OK’ in terms of balancing my need to earn a living with my need for inspiration and growth. I was at that stage in my career where I knew that earning a paycheck or a promotion could enrich me only so far and finding my passion became a priority. I came across workspired and after reading the blog I found that I really liked Indar’s style – he felt genuine and what he said resonated with me at a personally relevant level. I signed up to the face-to-face program and was struck by how quickly I could pinpoint the activities and behaviours, some of them long-held, that were draining me and those that energised me. From there I could identify what I am actually passionate about and the steps I needed to take to re-energise my career and life. Indar and his program were pivotal to not only articulating my goals, but simplifying things so that I had an unobstructed pathway that I could confidently and realistically pursue towards these goals. Ultimately, I realised that my passion isn’t just a dream and is very much within my reach. I can highly recommend the workspired program – I wish I had found this earlier in my career, but am grateful that I finally did.”