Interesting insight about why people move overseas for work

Do you find anything surprising in these responses for why people move overseas for work... - 34% said it was so they could experience different cultures - 30% to gain experience - 30% because there were more opportunities internationally ...I found it interesting that the most selected response - to experience different cultures - has [...]

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Is your career path dictated by design or by chance?

By design would suggest that you know what you want and you go make it happen. By chance would suggest that you may have a rough idea and lean towards seeing what opportunities present themselves. A lot of responses to my survey seem to indicate that people land in their roles by chance. Do you [...]

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The 2nd most popular response to the question “what does being happy in your career mean”, will surprise you…

...meaningful connection with their colleagues - that was the second most popular response. For context, the most popular response was loving what you do - not very surprising I don't think. But meaningful connection with their colleagues - this is interesting because it could have been so many other things from making lots of money, [...]

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How important is a job title?

In a recent survey, I asked people what a successful career means to them. Some of the options people could select included making money, loving what they do and receiving recognition. The response which received the least number of votes was having an important job title. Do you agree? Does an important job title like [...]

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We are becoming more global

I know a lot of us have gotten global experience whilst never leaving home...thanks in large part to technology. I was pleasantly surprised when survey responses indicated that more than 50% of us have worked overseas for at least a year! This surely has a positive impact on exchange/flow of ideas, broadening perspectives and [...]

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