There is an interesting story of working tenure and how important people feel being happy in your career is…

At the start of people's careers and up to 2 years in their working life they do believe being happy is important. As people transition into the middle part of their careers, the level of importance of being happy grows even more as compared with when they started working. And then towards the middle-to-end of [...]

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The countries that rank the highest in terms of how important people believe being happy in your career is…are Malaysia and India

In a recent survey I ask the question - on a scale of 1 to 10 how important is being happy in your career? you can imagine most people scored on the higher end of the scale which didn't surprise me... I then looked at the average scores based on which country repsondents started [...]

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We would sacrifice money to pursue our passion

78% of people who responded to a survey said they would sacrifice money to pursue what they love to do. Under what circumstances would you leave money on the table to pursue your passion? Would your basic needs (food, home, clothes) have to be looked after before you pursue your passion, OR would you go [...]

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The most common survey response across the questions ‘what does a successful career’ AND ‘what does being happy in your career mean to you’, is…

...loving what I do, with a whopping 34% of the votes. The second most common response was believing in the organisation's values (17%) followed by receiving recognition (15%). This tells me that following your passion, almost single-handedly, drives happiness AND brings career success. What do you think?

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A successful career AND being happy in your career – what do you think were the most common responses across both topics?

y survey on what makes you happy in your career asks the following questions: - a successful career - what does this mean to you? - being happy in your career - what does this mean to you? The responses you can select for both questions are identical - of the following options which do [...]

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The older we get the more likely we are to pursue something we are passionate about for work

Survey responses indicate that at the start of their career people get into their role by a process of chance i.e. one thing leads to another and the opportunity presents itself. As you get more and more older things gradually change...survey responses show a decline in the number of responses of people getting into their [...]

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