My journey with failing fast

Full and upfront confession - it took me years, and I mean years, to apply this theory, mantra, call it what you like in my life. A bit of context about me - my default mode was probably the furthest thing it could be from the fail fast mantra. I am an incessant planner and have [...]

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Finding your passion is rubbish advice (…really?!?)

Over the past few days I have read a few articles that finding your passion is bullsh*t advice...the crux of the argument is that people have a preexisting passion (which they article says most of us don't), AND, if you match that passion to your job/work you'll enjoy what you do (once again the articles [...]

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You have to be passionate to be self employed

In a survey on happiness at work we ask people what made them choose their current role and gave them the following options: - One thing led to another and the opportunity presented itself - Something I'm passionate about - Good prospects for career advancement - Means to an end When we zero-oed in on [...]

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It doesn’t matter where you are in the world…the definition of a successful career is the same

In a survey we ask people to select which of the following indicates that their career is a success: - Making lots of money - Loving what I do - Having an important job title - Meaningful connection with colleagues - Working for a prestigious organisation - Believing in the organisation's values - Receiving recognition [...]

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Men and women have slightly different indicators of what a successful career means to them

These are the top 3 survey responses by gender to the question what does a successful career mean to you: - For males : 1) Loving what I do, 2) Making money, 3) Receiving recognition - For females: 1) Loving what I do, 2) Believing in the organisation's values, 3) Meaningful connection with colleagues/Receiving recognition [...]

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The industries which highly rate the importance of being happy in your career might surprise you…

In a survey we ask people to rate how important being happy is in their career. After analysing the responses received so far, these are the industries which place the highest importance on happiness in their career: 1. Pharmaceuticals 2. Human Resources 3. Professional Training & Coaching 4. Hospital & Health Care 5. Marketing & [...]

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Why don’t we work on/in what we love?

I'm curious...the responses to my survey on happiness at work are telling me that if you pursue what you love to do: - you will have a SUCCESSFUL career (92% of respondents say this); and... - you would be HAPPY in your career (84% respondents say this) ...however if you scan almost any study around [...]

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There is an interesting story of working tenure and how important people feel being happy in your career is…

At the start of people's careers and up to 2 years in their working life they do believe being happy is important. As people transition into the middle part of their careers, the level of importance of being happy grows even more as compared with when they started working. And then towards the middle-to-end of [...]

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