I wish I had these 3 career related new year resolutions 1 year ago

I’ve made a habit of checking LinkedIn every day and follow a wide array of inspirational thought leaders – from Bill Gates and Richard Branson to successful corporate executives to founders of growing start-up companies and non for profit organisations – it almost seems as if every person on this platform is doing something incredible [...]

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Are you OK in your current job…but want to do more of what you love?…Watch this video for 3 simple tips!

Over the past few weeks I have worked with quite a few people and through applying the Workspired process we have discovered they actually love their current roles. At it's heart they love what they do...however there's just a few things that they would like to focus on more (or less) in order to be totally engaged [...]

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Step by step process on transitioning into a career you are interested in

I have been getting a lot of questions recently about transitioning into a career you are interested in. Lots of people have skills, experience and qualifications for careers or roles that are very different to what they want to do. With some career changes it can be quite a challenge to acquire what is necessary [...]

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