Why this is the era to pursue your passion?

  Last week I attended a leadership development program which was a bit different to the typical programs I’ve attended in the past. I think it’s the first program where every single person had different takeaways because it depended on where you’re at in your leadership journey. One of the things we discussed which struck [...]

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What we can learn from Nick Kyrgios about success

Here’s a scenario and I’d like you to guess if it is fact or fiction – There is a professional athlete ranked as one of the top 15 in the world at his sport. He has already earned millions of dollars from prize money and endorsements and is still just in his early 20s. He [...]

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How to harness the power of external insights

Growing up my parents were strong advocates for seeking second opinions. If I had a medical issue and we were given a prognosis they would go visit another doctor just to see if they would say the same thing. If someone suggested that I learn to play the violin to develop my ear my parents [...]

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My journey with failing fast

Full and upfront confession - it took me years, and I mean years, to apply this theory, mantra, call it what you like in my life. A bit of context about me - my default mode was probably the furthest thing it could be from the fail fast mantra. I am an incessant planner and have [...]

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