Why don’t we work on/in what we love?

Why don’t we work on/in what we love?

I’m curious…the responses to my survey on happiness at work are telling me that if you pursue what you love to do:

– you will have a SUCCESSFUL career (92% of respondents say this); and…
– you would be HAPPY in your career (84% respondents say this)

…however if you scan almost any study around engagement levels or happiness at work, you’ll find that most people are unhappy.

I know this is overly simplifying things, but can we infer that most people are NOT pursuing what they love to do? Because if they were then they’d be successful and/or happy….

If so, why not? What are the blockers to pursuing what you love for work – money? status? pressures from family or society?…are they justified – or will we get to the end of our career and feel empty?

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